Franca Leonardi uses only leather coming from the Italian Region of Tuscany : it is treated in many small towns throughout the Tuscany such as Santa Croce sull’Arno ,where leather was a way of life.

In these tanneries the skins of cow or calf are vegetable tanned and naturally dyed, with biodegradable materials only .

The top grain leather, after the first treatments, is soaked in large wooden drums filled with a mixture of natural essences such a bark of chestnut, holm, oaks and mimosa .

After a machine called “press” removes the water from tanned leather and later it is dried in the warm air.

After this the craftsmen dye the skins handly, for this the leather colour is not very uniform very often : the craftsmen polish the leather again and again, to rise and get smooth the surface and produce the requested shining.

The leather is ready to become bags and wallets.

The vegetable tanning is a lenght process, producing a very unique leather, rich in aroma and texture with a soft feel.

For this reason the Made in Italy leather has its particular perfume.


After having done a first design of a new product, Franca Leonardi has it cut and handsown by her modelist specialized in that kind of article : each product has its own specialized artisans dislocated in various parts of Italy.

Each one of them is so well organized that they can produce large quantities in a short time : they are complete families of leather artisans, working with skilled workers, from 5 to 15 people.

In fact Franca Leonardi is known to be very punctual in delivering even large quantities and has never had any complains but on the contrary she receives compliments by her clients.

Franca Leonardi exposes her products in her showroom which is situated in the center of Milan city, well known as the fashion capital, where she also has her commercial office, from where she organizes every production of her goods and the sales and the deliveries.
She keeps a very friendly collaboration with her artisans, to work well thanks to her permanent staff, similar to a big family.

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