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Michael Ironside
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Luxury Collection


  • All these articles are handmade by the most experienced artisans in Italy, in full grain genuine leather from Tuscany, vegetable tan.

  • From Milan, the fashion capital of Italy, Franca Leonardi represents all that you have come to expect from the "Made in Italy" label. Synonymous with high class and quality, Franca Leonardi, inspired by the professional experiences of her creator, satisfies every practical requirement with elegance and style: a perfect cocktail.

  • Franca Leonardi has been supplying the most prestidgous international companies with briefcases, diaries, professional items and gifts for many years. Today, F.L. , as you would expect, proudly presents its line in the private elite leather market, exclusive boutiques, and famous department stores all over the world.

  • The demand for our creations bearing our proud name has been growing because of our singular creativity, professionalism and the reliability of Franca Leonardi, the vigilant guardian of the "Made in Italy" phenomenon.

  • Franca Leonardi's demands only the highest quality standards and continuously backs this promise with the passionate and dedicated craftmanship of her staff, composed exclusively of superior masters in the leather arts.
  • Every our article is supplied with its guarantee certificate.